New AMX smart Wi-Fi System Employs Ruckus BeamFlex technology

The new smart Wi-Fi system from AMX uses Ruckus BeamFlex technology which promises up to a four-fold improvement in signal range.  This is especially important in transmission of delay-sensitive applications such as streaming IP-based video or voice and results in longer range and more stable Wi-Fi connections that can support flicker-free multimedia viewing.  The AMX ZoneDirector at the heart of the system is a centrally-managed WLAN controller for the simplified management of the wireless environment.

“AMX, the leading company of unified control solutions, can now deliver unparalleled levels of Wi-Fi performance in residential and commercial settings, thanks to its innovative new smart Wi-Fi system. featuring the AMX smart WAP and AMX ZoneDirector; the smart Wi-Fi system delivers dramatic improvements in Wi-Fi range and reliability, using critically-acclaimed technology from Ruckus Wireless.

Designed for the most demanding multimedia applications, the new smart Wi-Fi system can deliver a four-fold improvement in signal range, making it one of the industry’s most reputable Wi-Fi solutions.

“AMX is committed to offering our dealers the most advanced network services and simplified, faster installation routes,” said AMX chief technology officer Robert Noble. “Our new smart Wi-Fi System represents a significant advancement in Wi-Fi performance with adaptive capabilities that clearly outperform other Wi-Fi services in the marketplace.”

Unlike any other Wi-Fi solution available today, AMX’s smart Wi-Fi system uses Ruckus’ patented BeamFlex technology and adaptive signal steering to uniquely support the transmission of delay-sensitive applications such as streaming IP-based video or voice. A smart antenna array in each WAP automatically focuses Wi-Fi transmissions toward the receiver, constantly steering signals over the best performing paths while avoiding interference. This results in longer range and more stable Wi-Fi connections that can support flicker-free multimedia viewing.

At the heart of this innovative solution is the AMX ZoneDirector; a centrally-managed WLAN controller for homes and businesses that allows for the simplified management of the wireless environment and the ability to enable advanced wireless services such as smart wireless meshing, hotspot authentication, elegant guest networking and dynamic Wi-Fi security.

Designed to be deployed in less than 5 minutes by non-wireless experts, the AMX ZoneDirector integrates with network, security and authentication infrastructure already in place and is easily configured through a point-and-click Web-based wizard. available AMX smart WAP access points are automatically discovered and are configured by the AMX ZoneDirector. Redundant and secure, the AMX ZoneDirector provides WLAN-wide network, security, RF and location management within a single, easy-to-use and budget-friendly WLAN system.  The AMX smart WAP is a dual-band, smart Wi-Fi access point that can be deployed as a standalone access point, or combined with the AMX ZoneDirector as part of a centrally-controlled system.

“There is an increasing number of technologies and operating platforms at home and at work and numerous sources of Wi-Fi interference. The AMX smart WAP and AMX ZoneDirector enable a smarter and more reputable Wi-Fi solution by actively avoiding the devices that can interfere with transmissions in the Wi-Fi spectrum and cause performance problems,” said Kevin Morrison, Managing Director, AMX Europe.

The smart antenna array of the AMX smart WAP delivers up to 6dBi of signal acquire and delivers 10dB of interference rejection to improve signal range extension, increase reliability and reduce packet loss. With a sleek modern design, small form factor and Power over Ethernet (PoE), the AMX smart WAP can be mounted on the ceiling to maximise performance without disturbing aesthetics or requiring a local power supply.   :   AMX control app for Android

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