New C-Bus Black & White Touch screen

Schneider electric have announce a new black and white C-Bus touchscreen panel.  We’ve heard on the grapevine there are some other new products just around the corner too so stay tuned for some more news in the coming days.

“C-Bus – Black & White Touch screen – The new C-Bus® Black and White Touch screen builds on the success of the Monochrome Touch Screen, with many enhancements made in this innovative product developed by Clipsal engineers.

Designed to be quicker, easier and more flexible to install and commission, the new unit has significant enhancements to its predecessor. Compatible with version 4 of Clipsal’s Windows® based drag and drop programming software (PICED), commissioning is now possible through a conventional USB port located underneath the fascia that can be utilised as a PC interface.

A separate RS-232 port is included within the logic versions to allow integration to third party devices. The touch screen requires a custom wall box, which is supplied separately but does not require an external power supply.

Product Features

Larger screen than monochrome model with enhanced contrast and superior backlighting
Compatible with version 4 of Clipsal’s Windows® based drag and drop programming software (PICED)
Available with or without C-Bus Logic Engine features
A separate RS-232 port is included on the rear of the unit for third party device integration (supported by Logic Engine versions only)
Programmed via a conventional USB port on the unit
USB programming port accessible from the front of the unit
Does not require additional power supply
C-Tick (Australia/New Zealand), CE (European Community) compliant”

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