How To clean A bathroom In 15 minutes

The bathroom — it typically seems to be everyone’s least favourite room to clean. While the toilet gets a bad rap, it’s the shower that can be most challenging, thanks to soap scum, discoloured grout and dirt. You’ve invested in renovating and decorating this space, however, so take a systematic approach to cleaning and preserving your bathroom. follow this step-by-step bathroom-cleaning checklist and you’ll be done in a mere 15 minutes.

Step One: have all your cleaning supplies handy.

You will need: an all-purpose cleaner liquid; a multi-surface cleaning spray for hard to reach places; abrasive pads; a toilet brush; a hand brush; rubber gloves; a dry lint-free cloth; paper towels or rags to polish counters, tubs and shower doors; a broom or vacuum and a mop. Time: 1 minute

Step Two: Prep the room.

Clear off the vanity counter, toilet top, shower and tub ledges. put everything into a basket or box and move it just outside the room. collect the towels, bathmats and robes and throw them in the laundry. remember to use a fresh scented dryer sheet to keep linens smelling and feeling fresh. empty the garbage can, but don’t replace the liner just yet. Time: 2 minutes

Step Three: sweep or vacuum

It is easiest to collect dust, stray hairs and other debris when the floor is dry, and you’ll definitely be splashing some water around in the next few steps. Vacuum or sweep the floor now. Time: 1 minute

Step Four: clean the vanity

Here’s the where the garbage can comes in — you can use it like a bucket (unless it is metal or wood). fill it with warm water and a multi-purpose cleaner. (Or, use a bucket if you prefer.) wipe down the vanity sinks, faucets and counter with the solution and a rag. Scrub hard to reach crevices around faucets with an old toothbrush. dry and polish the counter and faucets with a rag or paper towel. Don’t empty the bucket of water yet. Time: 3 minutes

Step Five: polish the mirrors

The Glass association of north america says the best and safest way to clean mirrors is with clean, warm water and a soft, lint-free cloth. Wring all the water from the cloth before wiping the mirror, and dry right away with a dry lint-free cloth. Time: 1 minute

Step Six: tackle the shower and tub.

Take the bucket of water and cleaning solution and splash it against the shower walls. You cover more area more quickly this way, especially if you don’t have an extendable showerhead. Scrub away soap scum with the hand brush. Repeat the splash treatment. Rub out mildew on tile and grout with an all-purpose cleaner, or try a mildew spray with an abrasive scrub pad. and finally, splash the walls clean with buckets of clear water. polish the hardware and the shower door with an old rag. Time: 4 minutes

Step Seven: clean the toilet

Fill your bucket with clean water and pour it into the toilet (this should empty the toilet bowl, making it easier for you tackle the ring). Scrub the inside with a toilet brush and a cleanser, starting from the top down. Flush. wipe down the seat (bottom and top), the hinges and the lid. Don’t forget the bottom of the toilet and behind it— the curves and crannies are major dust collectors. Time: 1 minute

Step Eight: wipe up the floor

The nice thing about cleaning a bathroom is not having to worry about get a few splashes on the floor. In fact, they’ll be handy when it comes to doing a quick mop. Time: 1 minute

Step Nine: put everything in its place

You’re almost done. replace all the objects. put out fresh towels and replace the floor mats when they are dry. Don’t forget to replace personal care product supplies if they are running low, including tissue and toilet paper. Time: 1 minute

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