Top 5 stylish ways To keep amazing This summer

design editor Kai Ethier shares how to beat the heat in style.

The combination of the recent heatwave and my air conditioner on the fritz has me thinking about stylish ways to keep amazing this summer. I’ve come across some clever products that are perfect for spaces without central air conditioning. Here’s what’s on my wish list.

The LG Art amazing Gallery Ductless Air Conditioner is by far the coolest (pardon the pun) ductless air conditioner I have seen. Essentially, it’s an air conditioner disguised as a picture frame. somehow you attached it to the wall and cold air comes out! It’s kind of magic and I really want one.

Source: LG Appliances

Products: LG Art amazing Gallery Air Conditioner

Next is a ceiling fan…I know. but I’ve been way south of the border a few times with nothing but a ceiling fan to keep things amazing and they work. There are some very nice options these days — especially if you like a modern look. I think these ones are pretty stylin’ myself and am considering one for my home.

Source: Union lighting and Furnishings

Products: Artemis Fan, $950

I don’t like the idea of a ceiling fan for my kids’ room as there are bunkbeds and it makes me nervous. What doesn’t make me nervous is the Dyson Pure amazing link Tower Purifier Fan. Thankfully there are no blades (why do kids right away want to stick their fingers through the bars of a bladed fan?) and it also acts as an air purifier, which is perfect for my son’s allergies.

Source: Dyson

Products: Pure amazing link tower purifier fan, $600

If the Dyson is a little too modern looking for you and you are not concerned about tiny fingers going where they shouldn’t, consider this puppy. The large Vornado V-Fan from Rejuvenation is a slightly larger version of the 1945 classic Vornado retro Table Fan. I love it in this minty green color.

Source: Rejuvenation

Products: large Vornado V-Fan , $159

Finally, maybe the least expensive but tastiest way to keep amazing is with a good ol’ fashioned ice pop. My personal favorite is Augie’s Ice Pops made with fresh seasonal and local produce from Ontario. but if you aren’t in the GTA, any sweet and icy treat will do.

Source: Augie’s Ice Pops

Products: Augie’s Ice Pops

If you are particular about the flavors you might want to go the DIY method. lots of stores are carrying popsicle maker sets. I love this one from Ikea.


Source: Ikea

Products: Ikea, $2.50

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