Pronto TSU9600 WiFi Remote Controlling Sonos

this week Philips released the next major update of their ProntoEdit professional software.  amongst the range of new features and fixes is support for uPnP and DLNA.

This has allowed Philips to release a totally free ProntoScript module which gives users control of their Sonos zoned music system from their WiFi equiped Pronto remotes.  check out our quick video trip of how to set it up all up and what it’s like in use after the jump.

The UPnP/DLNA engine now incorporated into the Pronto platform will make it possible to hook up instantly with other UPnP enabled components. To try the Sonos ProntoScript module you’ll need a Pronto TSU9600 or TSU9800 with firmware 7.2.22 or above.  the most recent firmware also implies actions can now be asigned to the controller’s rotary wheel eg for controlling volume or light levels.

A new gestures feature will allow the creation of an iphone style interface on any Pronto. Homeowners will be able to adopt a finger-slide method to Pronto operation, covering a range of common system functions, such as, the super-fast scrolling of song lists and sliding volume control.

Network communication with IP-based devices can now be carried out using both TCP and UDP transport protocols, allowing control of an even larger range of network-enabled devices. Multicast UDP (used in dynamic discovery protocols such as SSDP or mDNS) is now also available in ProntoScript.

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