Make a home Media Server With Old PC & open source VortexBox

While VortexBox has been around because 2008, it had a major update late last year and it’s now based on Fedora 16. just download the totally free open source disk image and turn any old Intel based PC (at least a P4 with 1GB memory) into a media server for your home.

With the best hardware you can even configure it for multiple audio streams and it supports Plex, Sonos, Squeezebox, DLNA and UPnP too…

“VortexBox is a free, open source (GPL v3), quick-install ISO that turns your unused computer into an easy-to-use music server/jukebox. once VortexBox has been loaded on an unused PC, it will automatically rip CDs to FLAC and MP3 files, ID3 label the files , and download the cover art. Vortexbox will then serve the files to network media players such as Logitech Squeezebox, Sonos, or Linn. The music files can also be streamed to a Windows or Mac OSX system.


Automatic ripping of CDs and DVDs

Based on Fedora so it’s easy to modify.

Automatically labels all files from online music database.

Automatically downloads the cover art.

Automatic sharing of file to SMB (Microsoft) file shares.

Automatic re-indexing Squeezebox Server after every CD is ripped.

AppleTalk – for OSX or Bonjour for Windows.

NFS – For Linux boxes and practically anything else, Solaris etc.

DLNA support – Play music and video DLNA enabled players, XBOX 360,PS3, Windows 7 etc.

Easy installation of mplayer for AlienBBC support.

Good support for Sonos.

Works well as a back end server for XBMC (XBOX Media Center) running on XBOX, Windows, OSX, AppleTV, or Linux.”

Pre-built VortexBox Server   :    :   Installation Guide

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