Open-Concept vs. closed spaces

It’s been stylish to tear down walls in little Victorian homes, enabling light to flow though as well as households to share the large open space. I like the idea, although I often question if the lack of privacy (and the expense of heating) would ended up being bothersome in the long run.

To assist you picture this dilemma, right here are a few motivation pictures of open, lofty spaces, complied with by smaller, closed-off rooms:

Open-concept living makes for bright, spacious rooms, however noise as well as cooking smells get around fast. As the alternative, inspect out these cosy, closed-off spaces:

Closed spaces are a lot more private, however aren’t always the very best for entertaining. However, I do like that each private space can have its own decoration style — which is tough to pull off in a area without walls or doors.

Seeing as I haven’t resided in a true open-concept space, it’s tough for me to judge, so I leave it as much as you — what do you prefer, open-concept or closed rooms?

Photo credits:1. home & Home, photography by Virginia Macdonald2. home & Home, photography by Robert Lemermeyer3. home & Home, photography by Virginia Macdonald4. home & Home, photography by Michael Graydon5. home & Home, photography by Donna Griffith6. home & Home, photography by Chris Tubbs

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