Apple Announces the iPad tablet computer

A few minutes ago Steve jobs took to the stage and announced the iPad Apple Tablet.  much of what was in our short article Last month (What will the Apple tablet imply for the smart home) is in the new device as expected. 

Jobs has said the iPad needs to be better at a host of things (like email, browsing, video etc) than Laptops, smart Phones and NetBooks to be a viable device class.

Multitasking wasn’t discussed whatsoever during the presentation.


Read on for the specs photos and videos as they emerge…


Price from – $499 (16GB)  $599 (32GB) $699 (64GB) – We guess that translates to a UK starter price of around £410

Plus $130 for 3G option if you want it (so top price $839 for 64GB with 3G)

Shipping world broad in 60 days

Capacitive multi touch screen

0.5 inch thick

1.5 lbs

9.7 inch LED-backlit, IPS display

Up to 10 hour battery life

16 – 64GB of flash storage

1GHz Apple A4 CPU

802.11n Wifi

3G Cellular – (US AT&T – 250mb / month $14.99 or limitless data for $29.99)

Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR – works with Apple Bluetooth keyboard!

June – July for international (read UK) deals to come together

‘Almost all’ existing iphone apps will run on iPad – full screen too with Pixel doubled mode

Apps can be written to take advantabe of native res too

Speaker. Mic, Headphones, Accelerometer, Compass, 30 Pin connector

Updated iphone SDK released today to include iPad

Accessory 1 – Keyboard / charger / dock available

Accessory 2 – hard Case

Accessory 3 – regular dock

Seems to be aluminum unibody case

No video camera front or rear??

Looks like still no Flash in Safari

‘Camera Connector kit’ will be available

New ‘iBooks’ app for eBook reading on the iPad.

5 of ‘largest publishers in the world’ on board

download eBooks straight to ther device from iTunes book store

On top of books there will be Newspapers and Magazines



New version of iWork 2010 developed for the iPad – a year in the making

Complete new version of Keynote for the iPad – $9.99 from apps Store

Complete new version of Pages for the iPad – $9.99 from apps Store

Complete new version of Number for the iPad – $9.99 from apps Store

Taking advantage of Multitouch for navigation

So – what do you think?  Leave us a comment below with your thoughts.




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