DIY Bulletin Board

materials as well as Tools

8 lengths 2″ x 2″ x 24″ boards

2 sheets 3’ x 6’ melamine

24 1-1/2″ completing nails

Spray water bottle

2’ x 5’ sheet pre-woven cane – fine open cane 1/2” fit together (2’ @ $10.65/foot for 24” width) offered at Bamboo fete in Toronto or by mail-order

4 clamps



Paint tray

2’ x 5’ Masonite board

2’ x 5’ sheet ordinary corkboard

1″ x 1″ outside corner trim

Measuring tape



100-grit sandpaper

Mitre box

Our corkboard is 2’ x 5’, however this job can be adapted to in shape practically any type of size. Plain, unframed corkboard can be purchased in different sizes at many office-supply stores, or art as well as craft-supply stores.

Step 1: Make clamping boards

Create clamping boards by nailing four 2″ x 2″ x 24″ boards onto the each melamine sheet, at equal intervals. set aside.

Step 2: Moisten cane

Use a spray bottle full of water to lightly mist cane on both sides. Leave it for 15 minutes while getting clamps as well as glue ready.

Step 3: glue cane

Lay the Masonite on your work surface with the smooth side up. Lay sheet of cane over top, with its best side down. pour white glue into paint tray. utilize roller to apply a thin coat of glue onto the wrong side of the cane.

Step 4: build board

Transfer cane sheet onto flat side of clamping board, with the glued side up. location the corkboard on top of it, with cork side down. Roll a coat of glue onto the smooth side of the Masonite, as well as flip over on top of corkboard so glued side of Masonite is on the back side of the corkboard. location second clamping board over top of Masonite layer. Clamp thoroughly as well as let dry for at least 6 hours.

Step 5: Prepare trim

Using a measuring tape as well as handsaw, cut corner trim to in shape edges of completed board, adding about 2″ additional to every piece. Our completed board was 2’ x 5’, so we cut 2 pieces of trim to 2’-2″, as well as 2 pieces of 5’-2″. paint the trim, utilizing two coats if necessary.

Step 6: apply trim

Once completed board is dry, clean up edges with sandpaper if necessary. utilizing a mitre box as well as handsaw, mitre ends of trim to in shape completed board. glue as well as clamp in place. enable to dry overnight. Touch up paint if necessary.

Watch our on the internet TV section to see much more trendy bulletin board ideas.

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