CELEBRATING OUR 6TH wedding event anniversary

Last weekend marked our sixth wedding event anniversary. As you’ve come to understand from us, we like to celebrate with some household time, a great meal, as well as a few photos to keep in mind everything by. Actually, one of our few goals for commemorating each year is to get a household portrait (which we hung as a collection in our last house). It started off extremely casually on our bit point as well as shoot. then it started including tripods as well as camera remotes (you can say thanks to Clara for that). however this year we went super simple as well as just broke out the iphone on a household walk. I snapped this guy with my own hand.

We likewise tried to get a second version with us kissing. Clara likes making funny faces at herself since it’s on “facetime” mode when we’re taking these pictures – so we ended up with this.

It was the most successful household picture session to date. A few clicks of the camera as well as we might get on with our walk having caught one shot with everybody smiling (the very first one). It was an anniversary miracle.

We were on Belle Isle, one of our preferred areas in Richmond since it has great deals of nature to enjoy in addition to some history. So we got some exercise in as well as Clara liked exploring.

Since we were downtown, we utilized it as an reason to try out a pie restaurant that we’ve been wanting to hit up. Yup, a pie restaurant. We both got savory pies (since it was lunch time) however they do offer wonderful ones as well. If we were getting married once again we’d totally ask them to cater.

The festivities were interrupted momentarily by nap time (which equated to work time for us) however Clara woke up just as Grammy shown up to babysit so we might enjoy a date night at Cinebistro, one of those dine-while-you-watch movie theaters.

We saw The Heat, which we believed was truly funny. We enjoyed it almost as much as our banana cheesecake (and suggest that everybody watching it attempts to eat cheesecake while doing so). All-in-all, it was definitely one of our more low-key anniversaries (here’s what we did for our very first & second, third, fourth and fifth), however with such a jam-packed fourth of July weekend it felt quite darn perfect.

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